Terms & Conditions

Payment methods 

CASH ON DELIVERY (applies only to Greece). You pay in cash when you pick up your parcel in the shipping company. 
By charging your debit or credit card. 
* For the product dispatching service the customer is charged with the amount of 5 € for Greece and 10 € for Cyprus. 
CREDIT CARD You pay with your credit or debit card through our site at the same time as your order. 

Shipping & Delivery 

All products are sourced upon request and are therefore shipped within 3 to 8 business days. In case your order is delayed, you will be informed by phone. 

* No changes can be made to the design or color of the product. 

Return policy 

If you think that what you received does not match you, you can return it. This refund must be strictly within 5 days of the date of receipt and only with the shipping company that works with us. Products must be strictly returned to their original state. 

In the case of return, you have the option of: 


You can make a change with the same (other color or number, if available) or another product. 
Product change can only take place once. 


You can return the product and we return your money back. The money will be refunded within 1-2 days of receiving your return product. 
*Refund is not made on discount products. 
*Refund does not take place after product change. 

* In the case of return of the product, in order to effect your refund, you must provide us with the following information: IBAN / bank / beneficiary name / contact number. 

** In the case of a refund and not a change of the product, the charge is for the sender and not for the recipient. Return costs range to € 5 within Greece. 

Special cases: 

If a product is defective, please contact our Call Center (+30) 694 2570 508 or 210 8080727 so that it can be replaced immediately. 
If someone purchases a discount, a refund can be made, only a change. 

The address to which all return products must be sent is: 




T.K. 14561 

In any other case, please contact us by email at info@nashbyna.com or by calling (+30) 210 8080727 and (+30) 694 2570 508.